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Structurally assigned to the Studio Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques, the workshop for Silk Screen Printing has been conceived and equipped for the realization of artistic printing projects with hand silk-screen printing techniques using paper or similar plane printing materials, water-based painting systems and mainly photomechanically produced screens.

siebdruck   Photo © Norbert Wimmer  

In regular courses (Technical Basics of Printmaking: Silk Screen 1 and  Technical Basics of Printmaking: Silk Screen 2), students acquire the technical skills they need to realize their own printing projects. However, the courses do not just convey basic knowledge but also aim to encourage students to make long-term use of silk-screen printing techniques in their artistic development.

In addition to these courses, students receive all the professional help they require to develop and improve their own expertise in this field. Students who wish to make use of the workshop for Silk Screen Printing to work independently can do so after obtaining permission, always subject to the availability of rooms.