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Cultural objects, especially works of art, are constantly at risk of irreversible damage due to intensive exhibition politics, but also due to environmental pollutants and climate changes. These effects can lead to the complete destruction of the material, especially for outdoor objects.

The long-term stability of materials in the field of arts is tested by systematic investigations, weathering and light tests. Above all, methods of modern surface analysis are used, which make it possible to detect material changes already in the nanometer range. Finally, such systematic studies may suggest and test modern materials and procedures of conserving and preserving our cultural heritage.

Weathering cell with inscription and three microscopic images Self-built in-situ weathering chamber and atomic force microscopic image of corroded silver samples, photo © INTK 

Detail of the leaf with black spots Medieval manuscript on parchment with ink corrosion, photo @ INTK 

Three views of parchment surfaces before and after treatment under different conditions UV- und temperature aged parchment samples, photo © INTK 

Three views of acrylic surfaces before and after treatment with UV light depending on the duration Acryl paint mock-ups containing phthalocyanine blue pigment PB16: unaged (left), 2 months UV aged (middle), and 4 months UV aged (right), photo © INTK 

2 samples of kneading masses before and after the aging process and a schematic representation of the aging process depending on the wavelength of the UV-radiation Quantitation of color changes caused by an artificial light aging of modeling clay, © INTK 

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