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The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers an international working environment to students, lecturers and administrative staff alike. Almost half of the approx. 1,600 students come from countries other than Austria. Our lecturers enjoy an excellent international reputation, and the Academy participates in numerous international networks. One of the strengths of the Academy lies in its cooperation with institutions of art and culture, of exhibition and education. More than a third of the Academy‘s graduates participated in at least one mobility programme relevant to their studies, apart from the international activities offered in Vienna by the Academy itself.

Discussions of international issues in its teaching are continued in the research and in the development of the fine arts. The Paintings Gallery at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is one of three internationally significant collections of Old Masters in Vienna, and with the Graphic Collection, the Academy possesses a "visual memory" that adds to its international renown. The Library is a place of knowledge and work for researchers, students, and lecturers and a centre of communication for art and science. It houses a huge variety of international specialist literature and journals in both hardcover and digital editions.

The geographical focal points for international topics in all areas of the Academy are Western Europe and North America, the Global South, and cross-border cooperation in Eastern and Central Europe. In the midst of the international institutions, networks and organisations in the city of Vienna, the Academy sees itself as a mediator of socio-political and international positions.

The international programme of the Art School Alliance – ASA offers the framework for manifold international activities and events, at the centre of which are the networking of renowned universities and student exchange.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is especially anxious to offer its students and staff strong incentives to orientate themselves internationally and to integrate impulses from a variety of contexts into their own studies, their personal studying career, their personal working environment and further education, and in the development of the Academy itself. Our institution thrives on its diversity-sensitive and inclusive culture.

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