Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

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The Arts School Alliance – ASA is a network of renowned art universities with the aim of intensifying the networking of artistic-scientific expertise and the exchange of teaching and student mobility worldwide. Since 2010, it offers students the opportunity to study in the individual artistic instruction (studio) at one of the member universities.

View of brick building © HFBK Hamburg, ASA, Karolinenstraße  

In addition to the Academy of Fine Arts, the following universities participate in the ASA network:

The Vienna Academy of Fine Arts currently offers study exchanges with 3 universities of the network:

View of Studiobuilding Studiobuilding, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Foto © Clara Fickl 

In the near future, study places will follow in:

Exhibition Space with PersonsAusstellungsraum mit Personen HFBK Hamburg, Open Studio IV, photo © Imke Sommer