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The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has partner agreements with about 100 international universities. These agreements for student mobility and teaching staff exchange are structured in several mobility programs.

List of Partneruniversities by Academy’s study programs: Partneruniversitäten

The Academy offers their students the following mobility programs for student exchanges:

Erasmus+ student mobility
Partly financed by the Erasmus Grant, between EUR 400 and 500 per month, depending on the EU countries participating.

World Wide Exchange
Mainly applies to university partnerships outside of Europe and with, currently, one European university. Partial financing possible via a scholarship for art students studying abroad. For this to apply, the respective university must be located in a third country (outside the European Union). To be eligible, students must either be in the sixth semester of their diploma studies or enrolled in a Master Programme.

Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)

Swiss universities offer a grant to exchange students from the Academy.

Please get all the information on how to apply for the Erasmus+ Program (exchange program for Europe) and for the World Wide Exchange Program (exchange programs for university partnerships outside of Europe and with, currently, one European university) personally at the International Office during the openig hours or by appointment.

Students from university partnerships interested to exchange to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna contact the International Office of their sending institution.