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This scholarship is offered to students at the Academy of Fine Arts in order to finance a one- to two-semester study program (4 to 9 months) at an art university that is outside of the European Union. The scholarship is not granted for countries taking part in the Erasmus program..

Applications can be submitted at any time at the International Relations Office. The monthly scholarship amount is 600 euros. The scholarship award also qualifies the student for an exemption from the Austrian tuition fees for the corresponding semester.

Requirements and required documents:

  • Austrian citizenship or citizenship in an EU country
  • Not older than 35
  • Full-time registered student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  • Previous study at an Austrian art university of at least six semesters, or the equivalent thereof if the first half of the study program comprised less than six semesters. Proof of study completion for diploma studies equivalent to a Bachelor degree (passing first diploma exam) with honours or proof of Bachelor degree with honours
  • Excellent study progress in the course of study (artistic tuition, studio)
  • Compliance with regular length of study, allowing for one additional semester ("tolerance semester")
  • Credit recognition in the main area of study (studio); confirmation by the relevant chair of the curriculum or study program regarding the equivalency of the study semester abroad in the main area of study (studio), or of 12 or 27 ECTS for Education in the Arts students (form at the International Office)
  • Letter of recommendation by a professor in the main area of study (studio) or the department coordinator for the Education in the Arts program
  • Letter of acceptance from the foreign university
  • Confirmation that the student is not receiving financial aid (form at the International Office)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Description of intention for study
  • Cost schedule and financial plan
  • Indication of bank connection, including IBAN Code (!)

An extension from 4 to 9 months is possible with a new confirmation of the equivalency of student coursework and the acceptance to a foreign university for the extended period.