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How to apply for an Erasmus exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts:

The exchange coordinator at your sending institution has to confirm your nomination to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna by e-mail. Following information about the applicant is required:

  1. first and last name as in passport
  2. birthday date
  3. email adress
  4. study field

Applicants will receive an email to register in the Academy´s application database. A short guide can be found on the right side „Student Guide for Online Application“.

All other Mobility Programmes:

The exchange coordinator at your sending institution must confirm your nomination to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna by e-mail or letter.

Applications include a portfolio in printed version which may be added by digital media, application form, letter of motivation, CV and a copy of the passport/personal ID and have to be sent no later than March 31 or October 31 (date of postmark) to the following address:

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, International Office, Augasse 2–4, D1.9.16, 1090 Vienna

Application forms (not for applications within the Erasmus+ Programme)

Application Form Fine Arts/Education in the Arts
Application Form Architecture
Application Form Conservation Restoration
Application Form Natural Sciences and Technology in the Arts/Scenography

Deadline for winter term (October–end of January): March 31
Deadline for summer term (March–end of June): October 31

Please note: You are only allowed to prolong your study exchange from winter semester to summer semester if both the sending institution and the professor in charge have given their consent.

Selection procedure

When your application is complete, it will be forwarded to the professors of the respective departments/institutes.

In accordance with its application procedure, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna reserves the right either to approve or to refuse applications for a study place. The Academy's professors base their decisions on the artistic quality of the portfolio and on the student's qualification. We hope that you will appreciate that, owing to the large number of applications, we are not able to offer individual feedback as to the reasons for any rejection.

You will be notified as soon as the decision regarding your application has been made.

Entry and residence

Information on entry and residence regulations for Austria:
If you take up accomodation or change your place of residence in Vienna, you have to register with the municipal authorities (Magistratisches Bezirksamt) of the City of Vienna with proof of residence (registration form = Meldezettel) within three days.

EU citizens who stay in Austria for more than three months have to obtain a document from the City of Vienna (; Department 35) authorizing their stay within the first 4 months. This document (Anmeldebescheinigung) costs € 15.

Third-country nationals (non-EU citizens) need a visa to enter Austria. The type of visa depends on the duration and purpose of their stay in Austria.

All students have to arrange for an accident and health insurance, a sufficient coverage is necessary for the total length of their stay in Austria.

Registration and enrolment

Upon arrival you have to pre-register in the Academy Online System and visit the International Office for further instructions (Monday to Thursday, 9–12 am).

The Welcome Meeting for incoming students organized by the International Office takes place in the last week before the term starts. At this meeting, you will be given all necessary information for a successful start into the semester

All classes at the Academy start in the first week of the term. It is obligatory for students to be present at the first class meeting.

Students who take part in an exchange program of a partner university (Erasmus or other bilateral cooperation) to study at the Academy are exempt from study fees. They are, however, obliged to pay the students' union fee of approx. € 20,- per term (obligatory membership in the Austrian Students' Union, including a liability insurance valid on Academy premises).

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