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General Information

Opening hours of the library?

The main library is open Monday through Thursday from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The library branch office in Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse is open Monday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. as well as on Tuesday and Thursday from 12 noon to 4 p.m. Please take notice that different opening hours may apply during lecture-free time.

How do I get a library pass?

You will receive a library pass if you show your student ID or other photo identification plus your residence registration form (Meldezettel).

Is the library pass free of charge?

The library pass is free for students, graduates and members of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, as well as for members of other educational institutions. External users can purchase a 4-month ticket (EUR 5.-) or an annual pass (EUR 15.-).

Why does my library pass not work?

Your library pass might not work because it 1) has expired, 2) you have not paid any open arrears fee, or 3) you have reached the maximum of items requested. Please note that you are personally required to extend your library pass at the Information Desk every November.

Are there any lockers available?

Yes, there are lockers available in the entrance area of the library. You can get a key at the Information Desk.

Where do I find the course reserves?

Course reserves can be found in the public domain in the main reading room.

How do I apply for a course reserve?

If you are a lecturer at the Academy, you have the option of applying for a course reserve of a maximum of 15 media per course. Please get a form at the Information Desk of the library and let us know at the end of the semester when the course reserve is no longer needed.

Can I suggest books for purchase?

Please do! Please use this form provided.

I would like to donate books to the library!

Thank you very much! Please note, however, that we can only accept donations after we have checked our inventory. Should such books not fit in with our acquisition policy, or should we already have them, we will give them away for free without any further communication.

Where can I find up-to-date information on opening hours and events hosted by the library?

You will find all the details in our newsletter (please send an email to, on the main page of our website, and in our profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Searching for and requesting print and AV media

Is the Academy library an Open Access Library?

No, it isn't. You must always request the items you wish to borrow via the online catalog and the search engine se]a[rch respecitvely or via the card index.

What do I find in the online catalog?

The online catalog contains a list of all the items acquired after 1930. You have the option of using any computer, provided it has Internet access, for searching our catalog, submitting requests, and administrating your account. The online catalog will enable you to look for a specific author, title, key word, ISBN number or classification.

What do I find in the card index?

The card index contains a list of all the items acquired until 1970. Please obtain the request forms at the Information Desk.

How can I request any media online?

Just request the desired items with your library pass. Log onto the online catalog using your personal user name beginning with "$R" and your password, which is usually your date of birth read backwards (e.g. 19840812 for August 12th, 1984). Then click on the menu button "Request/Place on Hold" and on the following page on "Request Item". Then follow the instructions. You also have the option of requesting items without a library pass. In such case, please enter "gast" (i.e. the German word for guest) as the user name and, likewise, "gast" as the password.

What media can I borrow?

Basically, you can borrow any of the print or audio-visual media published after 1950 with the exception of large formats, special editions, general reference books and magazines/journals.

How many items can I request /borrow?

The number of items allowed will depend on your user status. Students, graduates and owners of an annual pass: 5 reservations, 15 items can be borrowed at any one time; master and PhD candidates: 10 reservations, 25 items can be borrowed at any one time; Academy members: 10 reservations, 35 items can be borrowed at any one time.

How long can I borrow an item?

All AV media (DVDs) and comics can be borrowed for one week, while the period for print media will depend on your user status: students, graduates and owners of an annual pass: 4 weeks, 6 extensions; master and PhD candidates: 8 weeks, 6 extensions; Academy members: 12 weeks, 4 extension.

When can I pick up my requested item?

Requests submitted before 9 a.m. may be picked up at the information counter at 12 a.m.; requests submitted between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. may be picked up at 3 p.m.

How long are items placed on hold?

14 days.

How do I use the Media Library (Mediathek)?

The Media Library is an open-access library. You can take the DVD covers from the shelves and pick up the respective DVDs at the Information Desk.

Do I have to file a request for journals?

The current volume can always be found on the stand in the reading room, but back-numbers must be requested via the online catalog or the card index.

Can I borrow journals?

Unfortunately not. Journals may only be read in the reading room.

Can I renew my loans?

Yes, you can renew your loan by yourself two times. Log into "My Account" in the online catalog and click in the tab "Loans" on "Renew all".

I can't renew my loans any more, but neither can I return them by the due date because …

Please send an email to or call the Information Desk during office hours (+43 1 58816/2302).

Will I be charged for overdue books?

Yes, if you do not return a borrowed item by the due date, you will be charged a fine consisting of the reminder fee (Euro 2.- per reminder) and the arrears fee (Euro 0.2.- per item and day). This fine will only be charged for the days the library is open.

What do I do if I lose an item?

You will have to replace the item and pay an administrative charge.

How do I file an interlibrary loan request?

You can file an interlibrary loan request at the Information Desk. Interlibrary loan requests within Austria are free of charge (with the exception of items from the University of Art and Design Linz), while international interlibrary loan requests are not. For further information, please contact

E-Journals and Data Bases

Where and how do I find electronic journals?

Electronic journals can be found in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) at:
Please note that you can only use licensed journals (the yellow traffic light in the EZB) within the date networkof the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. For remote access, please use a VPN Tunnel (Virtual Private Network); for more detailed information, please refer to:

Where and how do I find scientific data bases?

Scientific data bases can be found in the Date Base Information System (DBIS) at:
Please note that you can only use the data bases marked in the DBIS with a "U on yellow" within the data network of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. For remote access, please use a VPN Tunnel. Should you wish to use a data base that requires you to "Log-on with User Name and Password" please contact Andreas Ferus (

From where can I access and use the electronic resources?

If you are using the data network of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, you can access most of the electronic resources without entering your user name and password. Additionally, Academy members (students, lecturers, other staff) can access the electronic resources from anywhere in the world using a VPN Tunnel.

What am I allowed to do with downloaded content (full-text articles from journals, e-books, podcasts, images, …)?

Downloaded content may only be stored and/or printed for personal use and for research purposes. It may not be passed on in either form to any third party. Systematic storage or printing is prohibited.