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During the move to our new location the Registrar’s Office is closed from 31 August until 13 September 2017. In urgent cases please contact or 01/58816/1903 or 1904. Please note that all relevant information about admission and dates can be found on our homepage. After successfully passing the admission exam you have to register in person at the Registrar’s office. Please note that the admission exams for 2017/18 have already taken place, you can find the dates for 2018/19 here.
We will reopen at 1090 Vienna, Augasse 2-6/I, room D1.17.22 on 14 September. Please come to see us for registration at our new location from 18 September from  Monday – Friday from 9 – 12 am.

The tasks of the Registrar's Office include all matters ranging from student admission to graduation.

Scope of activity

  • Information on current courses, admission requirements, tuition fees
  • Initial admission and continuation of studies
  • Exam administration (course exams, acknowledgment of exams)
  • Verification of students' eligibility to take any final exam (issue of certificates required)
  • Processing applications for the Work, Merit and Advancement Scholarship

Head of the Department

P +43(1)58816-1900
F +43(1)58816-1999

Members of staff

(temporary replacement)
Acknowledgement of exams, doctorates, phd
P +43(1)58816-1904
Acknowledgement of exams, confirmations required for exchange programs
P +43(1)58816-1905
F +43(1)58816-1999
Work, merit and advancement scholarships, acceptance of exam records
P +43(1)58816-1903
F +43(1)58816-1999
Acknowledgement of exams
F +43(1)58816-1999