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Date | 03.03.2006, 4.00 p.m.

Welcome address: Beatrix Bastl, Director of the University Library
University Archives of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Schillerplatz 3, 1rst floor (E 8), 1010 Vienna


© Eva Schober


The comprehensive files of the Archives reach back to 1726 almost without interruption; the main holdings consist of administrative records and student registers. Besides these, there are a number of special files such as statutes, old inventories, and building files.

Register   Page of the general register, lit. H, c1900
© Eva Schober

Since fall 1999, electronic data processing has been introduced. The present data base comprises the years from 1988 until today. Special attention is paid to a more detailed documentation of art activities. The database (graduates, events) will be linked to the homepage in the near future.

Register1   © Eva Schober  

After the University Archives had been assigned to the Public Relations Office's and, after, the Prints and Drawings Collection's sphere of activities in the 1990s, they have been incorporated into the University Library again in October 2005.

The necessary move involved offered the unique chance to adapt the ground floor rooms of the academy's main building on Schillerplatz in accordance with the demands of a modern archive.

Archiv   © Eva Schober  

Based on suggestions and plans by the Director of the University Library Beatrix Bastl and the staff of the University Archives, the carpenter Franz Chytil has now developed and built a storage system. The anteroom will be also be adapted accordingly next year.

University Archives of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
A - 1010 Vienna | Schillerplatz 3, E 8 | tel | fax: 588 16-688
The Archives are accessible to the public; appointments by phone or in writing required.

University Library of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Organizational tip
17 March 2006, 5 pm, University Library
Opening of the exhibiton Mihaela Apostol | Legenden, Mythen, Fabeltiere

Translation: Wolfgang Astelbauer