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A publication edited by the Institute for Education in the Arts, Department for Fashion and Styles.

Vienna Zocalo is a post-colonial communicative and spatial contribution to the VI. International Textile Art Biennial in Xalapa/Mexico 2011 by twelve students and teachers of the Department for Fashion and Styles of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The publication covers the documentation of the correspondent exhibition at the Galería Carlos Fuentes Xalapa, as well as contributions collected in Mexico. It is now an e-book to download for free.

The publication covers aspects of the Austrian colonial history in Mexico as well as a post-colonial discourse on art, fashion and textile.

Khadija Carroll La, Lisbeth Freiß, Elke Gaugele, Sabina Muriale and Ruby Sircar (Eds.)

Vienna Zocalo. Critical Crafting as a postcolonial Strategy

Vienna: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Fashions and Styles, 2012

With contributions by: Friederike Berlekamp, Marlies Brommer, Sabeth Buchmann, Veronika Burger, Oliver Cmyral, Christian Feest, Lisbeth Freiß, Dolores L. Trailere, Elke Gaugele, Eva Greisberger, Edwarda Gurolla, Claudia Harich, Jens Kastner, Aino Korvensyrjä, Khadija Carroll La, Katharina Luksch, Martin Martinsen, Wolfgang Meisinger, Johanna Meßner, Stephanie Misa, Sabina Muriale, Diana Nenning, Katharina Petru, Julia Alexandra Soteris Riederer, Seccion 22&SNTE, Ruby Sircar, Julischka Stengele, Mario Strk, Marianne Sorge, Tom Waibel, Klemens Waldhuber.

Publishing and Distribution: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute for Education in the Arts, Department for Fashion and Styles, Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna, Austria 

ISBN 978-3-200-02375-8

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