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Each university in Austria is to establish an arbitration commission, and its duties are to include the following:

  1. mediating in disputes between university members;
  2. dealing with complaints passed on by the Equal Opportunities Team with regard to gender discrimination perpetrated by the university governing bodies.

All university bodies and members are obliged to provide the arbitration commission with information on matters investigated. When fulfilling their duties, the members of the arbitration commission are not bound by any directions, and neither are they responsible for issues investigated by law. Therefore, the arbitration commission does not deal with study matters, habilitations or matters of employment law. The arbitration commission is expected to reach unanimous decisions taken by all parties concerned.


Chair Hon. Prof. Dr. Herbert Pimmer (President of the Supreme Court of Justice)
Deputy chair Dr. Elisabeth Lovrek (Vicepresident of the Supreme Court of Justice)
Arch. Dipl. Ulrike Köck (Architect)
Mag.a Petra Sussner (Lawyer, Secretary at the Austrian Supreme Administrative Court)
Mag. Lukas Oberndorfer (Lawyer, Department of EU & International Affairs of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour, Vienna)
BA Thomas Wallerberger (Author and philosopher, socio-pedagogical care of unaccompanied minor refugees)