f.l.t.r.: Andrea B. Braidt, Eva Blimlinger, Karin Riegler
Photo: Katharina Grossow

The Rector's Office (Rektorat) is held by Rector Eva Blimlinger and Vice-Rectors Andrea B. Braidt (Art I Research) and Karin Riegler (Teaching I Promotion of Early Stage Artists/Researchers). The Rector's Office is head of the Academy of Fine Arts and acts as its representative in public affairs. The Academy's governing bodies, according to the Universities Act 2002, are the University Council (Universitätsrat), the Rector's Office, the Rector, and the Senate. Their respective tasks and duties are regulated in the Universities Act 2002.

The responsibilities of the members of the Rector's Office are regulated in the latter's rules of internal procedure, and its term of office is four years, which means that the current team will be in charge until September 30, 2019.

The Rector's Office is responsible for the following areas: