Eva Blimlinger, Rector of the
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Photo: Claudia Rohrauer

Eva Blimlinger, MA

Personal details

Born in Vienna in 1961

1979 Final exam (Matura) at the Wirtschaftskundlichen RG (secondary school focusing on cooking, design and psychology) in Possingergasse, Vienna

German Philology, History and Social Studies at the University of Vienna (teacher training certificate)

1990 graduation (Magister der Philosophie, MA, teacher's certificate)

Work experience

1988-1991: clerk in a tobacconist's (while studying)

March-October 1991: Young Graduates' training at the "Österreichisches Filmbüro" (Austrian Film Office), Vienna

November 1991-August 1992: Equal Opportunities Advisor /Compliance Officer of the Austrian Rectors' Conference

August 1992-Februar 1999: Head of the PR Department at the School of Applied Arts (today University of Applied Arts) in Vienna

1997: Civil Service exam for Remuneration Group A for editing services (summa cum laude in all 7 subjects)

February 1999-February 2004: Research coordinator for the Historical Commission of the Austrian Republic. Support and concept development for the Historical Commission Committee (6 Members, 3 Permanent Experts), coordination of more than 50 research projects involving a total workforce of 150 researchers in Austria, Germany, USA, Israel, GB

2002-2004: Managing Director of the scholarship program "Premiere" for graduates of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (European Social Fund ESF and Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, two-year pilot scheme, contract for work and services), concept development, budget planning and administration

2004-2011: Head of the department of project coordination and process management geared to the promotion of art and research at the University of Applied Arts Vienna; knowledge and project management.

Since 2008: Scientific Coordinator of the Commission of Provenance Research of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Since 2006: member, since 2008 vice chair of the Federal Advisory Board for Art Restitution

Since 2011: Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Freelance assignments

Since 1983: in the fields of culture, education, and research

Since 1989: freelancing journalist for daily newspapers and weekly/monthly journals and magazines (e.g. Brigitte, Zukunft, RAY, Falter, Der Standard, Die Presse and others)

Since 1983: scientific publishing and editorship (see list of publications)

1993-2011: university lecturer at a variety of Austrian universities

1994-1996: Copy editor of "Pro Senectute. Journal for Geriatrics, Geriatric Care, and Informal Caregivers"

1995-1998: Custodian of the district museum "Neubau" (in the 7th district of Vienna)

Prizes and Awards

1982-1984: Scholarship grant for exceptionally gifted students awarded by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Vienna

1989 Ludo Hartmann Prize awarded by the federal association of Austrian Adult Education Centers (Verband Österreichischer Volkshochschulen) for the "Ottakringer Lesebuch" (biographical reader issued by the office of the sixteenth district of Vienna)

1990 Sponsorship award by the City of Vienna for the development of the "Modell Ottakring" which is described in various pulication

2003 Bruno Kreisky Award for Political Literature (jointly with the authors of the final report issued by the Austrian Historians' Committee)

2006 Willy and Helga Verkauf-Verlon Award for antifascist journalism

2007 Friedrich and Marietta Torberg Medal awarded by the Jewish Religious Communities of Austria (IKG)

Rector's tasks and functions: