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Course feedback is one of the main instruments of quality assurance and quality development in studying and teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

This tool provides lecturers with feedback on their courses from the students’ perspective, with the aim of highlighting not only the quality of teaching in general but also the quality of individual courses, and of showing what students would like to have changed or improved. By the same token, the focus will be on what is helpful for and beneficial to students. Thus, we aim to strengthen the dialog between lecturers and students, and to encourage both these groups involved in the process to act self-critically, and to reflect their actions.

Lecturers are expected to carry out the feedback procedure every three years, but they can also conduct it voluntarily any time they wish to do so. Mandatory feedback applies to all the courses organized by an institute in the winter and summer terms.

The methods used reflect the great variety of forms of teaching and learning at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, which means that these methods are not standardized and isolated from the actual teaching and learning conditions at the Academy. We offer two different feedback procedures, one of which students and their lecturer(s) select together: they can either use the feedback questionnaire, or conduct a so-called feedback round. The former is carried out online via an application provided by AcademyOnline for compulsory feedback; in case of voluntary feedback, high-quality paper&pencil questionnaires are handed out. By contrast, the feedback round is a 45-minute discussion among students absent the lecturer, conducted mid-term in the respective course. The discussion results will be taken down in the discussion minutes.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has implemented this course feedback as a tool that accompanies quality assurance, in order to enhance teaching processes. It is continually adjusted and extended, and meta-evaluations systematically ensure that the feedback process actually reflects the interests of both students and teachers/lecturers.

Current Projects

  • Study Year 2016/17: Institute of Natural Sciences and Technolog - INTK

Completed Projects

  • Study Year 2015/16: Course Feedback at the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies - IKW
  • Study Year 2015/16: Course Feedback at the Institute of Art and Architecture- IKA (voluntarily)
  • Study Year 2014/15: Course Feedback at the Institute of Art and Architecture- IKA (voluntarily)
  • Summer Semester 2014: Course Feedback at the Institute of Art and Architecture- IKA (voluntarily)
  • Winter Semester 2013/14: Course Feedback at the Institute of Art and Architecture- IKA (pilot project)