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Opening: Thursday, 11 November 2004, 7.30 pm
Exhibition: 12 November - 4 December 2004
Mon - Sat from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm
Multi-Purpose Space of the Studio Building (Semperdepot) of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Lehárgasse 6-8, 1060 Vienna

Curator project of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 2004

© Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien|Einblick Workshop   Einblick Workshop
© Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

Curator: Eva Maria Stadler, manager of the Grazer Kunstverein

Ruben Aubrecht | Daniel Domig | Sonja Draub | Andreas Duscha |Tina Filjak-Juracic | Lia Gulua | Katharina Heistinger | Andreas Heller | Sabrina Horak | Katrin Hornek | Anna-Maria Karner | Florian Lang | Tobias Lintl | Johann Lurf | Nicole Miltner | Johann Neumeister | Philip Patkowitsch | Drago Persic | Lisa Rastl | Rüdiger Reisenberger | Kamen Stoyanov | Cristjan Björn Thordarson | Stephan Uggowitzer | Eva Würdinger

Exhibition architecture: Theo Sansakrit Strohal

© Andreas Heller|Richard E. Byrd,2004, DVD-Endlosloop, 2,5 sec   Richard E. Byrd,2004, DVD-Endlosloop, 2,5 sec
© Andreas Heller

Eva Maria Stadler was invited to take over this year's curator project and conceive an exhibition with students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The works realized in a whole variety of artistic forms will be presented to the public in the context of the Month of Photography program. They are the result of a workshop on the subject of art photography, which 27 students from all classes and disciplines were invited to attend by the curator.

The contradictory concept of art photography relates to an essay by the Canadian artist Jeff Wall in which the author explores various aspects of (mainly conceptual) photography. Wall is primarily interested in the relationship between photography as a medium reflecting itself and the other arts. Along the lines of this approach, the author describes the development from the once marginal existence of photography to a modernist art form which has been institutionalized by now. The project was focused on elucidating the conditions and parameters of photography today after its emancipation from a view determined by painting and sculpture and analyses of Conceptual art and their critical assessment of institutions.

© Stephan Uggowitzer|Polaroidkörper 2004, sculpture   Polaroidkörper 2004, sculpture
© Stephan Uggowitzer

Members of the teaching staff of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, such as Andreas Spiegl, Christian Kravagna, Sabeth Buchmann, Bettina Henkel, Simone Bader, Dieter Spath, Peter Dressler, and Mona Hahn, offered special programs on art photography and related themes in the context of Eva Maria Stadler's overall concept. The workshop lasting several days provided students with an opportunity to examine various theoretical approaches of photography and to test different forms of realizing one's ideas in practical classes.

© Johann Lurf|defrag, videoinstallation 2004   defrag, videoinstallation 2004
© Johann Lurf

Information and press material:
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