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at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


Photo: Lisa Rastl


My curatorial activities focus on the exploration of different spatial situations. I see space as a construction comprising a variety of interdisciplinary aspects: design, architecture, use, social character, and spatial program defined as public, private, virtual, temporary, or institutional outline just a few of the rules and functions that constitute its meaning.

These aspects establish a framework of conditions, but also unfold certain fields of possibilities that can be abstracted, transformed, or filled with new contexts by works of art. Thus, space becomes an experimental environment exposed to an interaction of premises and change through artistic interventions.

The intense and personal exchange with artists is of crucial importance since it provides the foundation for a common development of forms of presentation and new approaches. Viewed in this light, I regard curating as an activity that is also committed to imparting the contents in question and to an extended involvement of the public.

Relying on my experience in the non-institutional sector, I translate my curatorial approach onto the structural and historically grown level of an institution like the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in order to obtain a different perspective of space and an understanding of this interface.

Both in my course and in the conception of presentations for the Exhibition Space on Schillerplatz, I aim at not only conveying the traditional notion of the "white cube," but also at reflecting the extended spatial conditions of art, at comparing different models, and at preparing the students for an exhibiting practice beyond the university.

Translation: Wolfgang Astelbauer

Elsy Lahner
Born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, in 1975, lives and works as a curator in Vienna, Austria. Various exhibition projects in Austria and abroad, e. g. since 2006 exhibition series "Space Invasion", 2007 "Into Position", since 2007 manager of das weisse haus (together with Alexandra Grausam), since 2008 organization of O.F.F. - O-sutoria Freespace Foundation, Vienna/Yokohama (together with Georg Russegger).

Currently on show:
Parabol Art Magazine, the value issue
das weisse haus, Alfredo Barsuglia, "You are never fully dressed without a smile" | Sebastian Walther", plugged-in"
Opening of the exhibitions: April 29, 2009, 7 pm (until June 6, 2009)
Artist's discussion: May 16, 2009, 3 pm
das weisse haus, Application Program 2009 (Pdf 100 KB)
Deadline: March 23, 2009 (date of postmark)