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Deadline | 27.04.2016, 6.00 p.m.

The Social Impact Award (SIA) is an idea competition for students that want to initiate social or environmental change in a constructive way. Its mission is to promote the knowledge and practice of social entrepreneurship among students in Europe.

The Social Impact Award Austria is carried out by Impact Hub Vienna. The award addresses students eager to try to solve current social/environmental problems in an innovative way by founding projects, initiatives, or organizations. The projects can be rooted in different fields, such as poverty reduction, health, education, environment, energy, information and communication technologies, human rights, equal opportunities, care, and many others.

It offers all participants a free workshop-series for supporting the birth of your project idea, knowledge resources and an opportunity to get in touch with your local social entrepreneurship community. Finalists further receive access to a summer incubation program. Winners receive a scholarship and ongoing support.

For details see: http://socialimpactaward.net/