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Next deadline: | 01.10.2018

The DOC - Doctoral Fellowship Programme of the AustriaThe DOC - Doctoral Fellowship Programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) enables young, excellent doctoral candidates from all disciplines to carry out their dissertation project within a definable period of time.

Eligibility Requirements are:

  • no age limit,
  • maximum 2 years after completion of the Diplom or Master degree (for exceptions see programme information),
  • enrolment as a doctoral candidate at an Austrian university

Amount of Funding: 38,000 euros annually before tax, in addition, max. 500 euros annually for travel expenses.
Funding Duration: 24 to 36 months
For further information see: https://stipendien.oeaw.ac.at/en/stipendien/doc/

Next deadlines:

Deadline                           Committee Meeting                 Start of Fellowship

7.8. - 1.10.2018                 March 2019                              1 June 2019

15.1. - 28.2.2019               June 2019                                1 Sept 2019

15.4. - 31.5.2019               Oct 2019                                  1 Jan 2020