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Deadline | 27.04.2021, 1.00 p.m.

Also in 2021, the FWF would like to issue the next call for the Top Citizen Science (TCS) funding initiative. The programme is addressed to FWF principal investigators, whose projects are scheduled to end on November 30, 2021 or later.

As part of the TCS call, expansion projects (up to a maximum of € 50,000 including general project costs) can be submitted for ongoing FWF projects. The funding is intended to support project expansions in accordance with the aims of citizen science, meaning they should actively involve citizens as well as people with specialised expertise ("knowledge communities") in ongoing research projects and thus expand the opportunities for exceptional research. Two written reviews will be obtained for each application received and then the FWF Board shall make its decision, most likely in September.

Further information: https://www.fwf.ac.at/en/research-funding/fwf-programmes/top-citizen-science-funding-initiative