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Call for Proposals | 30.09.2021

Please submit your proposals (complete expositions) via Research Catalogue.

Responsibility intertwines with the essential questions of power, historicities, control, freedom, availability and care, which accompany the acknowledgement that we inhabit this planet with other people, species and materials. In the context of artistic research, collective or individual, responsibility can be understood as a standpoint or as an attitude that activate critical thinking and diversity of caring practices.

This issue of RUUKKU explores the various ideas, interpretations and possibilities of responsibility, as it is related to artistic research activities. The responsibility can be conceived in relation to artist-researcher themselves or to an artwork: what might it mean to revisit established ideas from a new perspective, or to produce thinking, knowledge, experience, perhaps new praxes and poetics from this perspective? Responsibility can be also considered as a topical attitude within a particular research process, or in relation to larger contexts and realms of art, politics and society. Alternatively the expositions can redefine the practices of responsibility: What might responsibility mean for everyday practices in the time when the entire life in the planet needs urgent reconsideration? What kind of caring activities the responsible life in this planet might entail? How does artistic research embrace the enmeshed relationship between humans and environment, including its difference from non-human actors?

Further information: http://ruukku-journal.fi/en/issues/responsibility/call