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ÖAW | Earth System Sciences 2021
Deadline | 16.02.2022

The Earth System Sciences (ESS) research programme, led by the OeAW for the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, aims to research the earth as a system. ESS thus seeks to fill gaps in the Austrian research landscape, for instance with regard to interdisciplinary projects, long-term research projects and pioneering research.

VIS Issue 8 | Of Rules and Alternatives
Call for Submissions | 11.02.2022

VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research is a digital open access journal presenting artistic research, with a special emphasis on the Nordic region.

FWF | netidee Science 2022
Deadline | 12.04.2022, 2.00 p.m.

As the research arm of the netidee funding initiative, netidee SCIENCE is part of the largest private initiative for the promotion of the Internet in Austria. The netidee initiative is funded by the non-profit Internet Foundation in accordance with its purpose – to promote the Internet in Austria – using funds from Austrian domain administration activities. On behalf of the Internet Foundation, the FWF has issued a call for basic research projects designed to promote the Internet in Austria as well as the technologies and methods necessary for that purpose.

FWF and FWO (Flanders) | Weave 2022
Deadline | 01.04.2022, 1.00 p.m.

In the framework of the Weave funding initiative, FWF and its Flemish partner organisation FWO have jointly launched a call for international research projects. Proposals can be submitted either to FWF or to FWO as the Lead Agency.

Irmgard Lettner and Ernst Lemberger scholarship for supporting final degrees 2022/23
Deadline | 08.03.2022, 11.00 a.m.

A cooperation between the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Irmgard Lettner and Ernst Lemberger.

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