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The Center for Doctoral Studies offers four grants for doctoral / PhD candidates of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna:

Please find all details about the requirements and criteria at the online submission platform. Here you will find only a brief overview and NOT all relevant information!
All scholarships are advertised on the online submission platform of the Academy and must also be submitted via the submission platform!

Online submission platform of the Academy:

We also provide you  an overview of Academy grants for students and an overview of external funding opportunites. More you find at the bottom of this page.

Overview of the grants for doctoral/PhD candidates of the Academy's Center for Doctoral Studies:

Travel Allowances for PhD Candidates

The travel allowances support regular doctoral students of the Academy in presenting dissertation / PhD project results at international conferences and symposia or for the presentation of art projects. Prerequisite is an active participation in the conference, the symposium or the art presentation.

Funding Criteria:

  • Travel allowances can subsidize travel costs for participation in international conferences, congresses or symposia if the submitted and accepted presentation is linked to the dissertation or the PhD-project.
  • Travel allowances can subsidize travel costs for presentation of art projects (in situ, art in architecture, film screenings, etc.) or for presentations in the context of exhibitions, which is directly linked to the dissertation or the PhD-project (only for PhD in Practice candidates).
  • NOT funded will be short-term stays abroad, e.g. research, archival research or production of artistic-scientific projects.

In general up to max. EUR 450,-- can be awarded per person and per application. The travel allowances can only be awarded once per academic year and only twice during the 
whole doctoral/PhD study period.

Applications are possible throughout the year but have to be submitted at least two weeks before the start of the journey.

Short term grants abroad

The scholarship for a short-term stay abroad for doctoral/PhD candidates supports stays abroad for e.g. research, field research, archival research, interviews, which are necessary for the dissertation or the PhD project. Stays abroad are funded for a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 weeks.

Funding for:

  • Short-term stays abroad for research activities, field research, archival research, interviews, input on methodological or theoretical questions, etc., which are related to the dissertation or the PhD project.
  • NOT FUNDED will be study program participation abroad (e.g., participation in seminars / courses), which may be funded by e.g. ERASMUS + Mobility. Also, no summer schools or participation in further education / seminars are supported.

The funding can be granted for a period of at least 2 to a maximum of 8 weeks.

The grant is paid out as a scholarship and it serves as a subsidy to partially cover travel and subsistence costs during the stay abroad. The grant can only be awarded once during the 
whole doctoral/PhD study period.
ATTENTION: Parallel funding (e.g Marietta Blau, ÖAW doc, ERASMUS plus) is excluded!

There are 4 deadlines per year. The deadline always ends at 2 pm on the day of the deadline.
Deadlines 2021: Due to the current situation, there are currently no call dates.

Learning-on-the-Job grant

The scholarship is intended to enable doctoral/PhD candidates to gain practical experience and to get to know processes in connection with the organization of a conference, the publication of a book, the planning, and holding of a workshop, etc., and to acquire additional competencies in addition to the academic qualifications.

Funding for:

  • Doctoral/PhD candidates who are involved in organizational, coordinating or administrative processes within the framework of a scientific or artistic research project (conference organization, publication, etc.) at the Academy
  • NO FUNDING for projects that exclusively cover the work of the doctoral/PhD candidates
  • NO FUNDING for activities to support teaching, in the narrower  and the broader sense

Applicants are the doctoral/PhD supervisors who apply for a scholarship for a doctoral/PhD candidate for a planned activity/project.

The funding amount per Learning-on-the-Job scholarship is usually € 750.-- in exceptional cases, depending on the duration and scope of the activity up to a maximum of € 1,500.-- can be awarded. The scholarship can only be awarded once during the 
whole doctoral/PhD study period.

There are two deadlines per year. Deadlines always end at 2 pm on the given day.
Deadlines 2020: Tuesday 09th June 2020 and Tuesday 01st  December 2020

Dissertation Completion Fellowship

The Dissertation Completion Fellowship aims to support PhD students in the final phase of the dissertation until completion.

  • Regular students of all doctoral studies of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna can apply for the fellowship.
  • The applicants should convincingly convey that the successful finalization of the dissertation or the PhD-project is possible during the fellowship.
  • The expected quality of the dissertation or the PhD-Project is a central criterion in the selection process.

Each year, four fellowships for six months each can be awarded. The amount of the fellowship is € 1,000.-- per month. The fellowship can only be awarded once during the 
whole doctoral/PhD study period.

There is one deadline per year.
Deadline 2020: 17th November 2020, 11am, via

Overview of other grants from the Academy and external funding opportunities

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers a variety of grants to students - such as Mobility Scholarships for stays abroad, a Student Assistance Fund for students from so-called third countries (non-EU members), but also research grants for doctoral or PhD candidates, which are advertised every other year. The following link will give you an overview of the scholarships awarded by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, along with other useful links, e.g. to information on federal grants, grants given by the City Council of Vienna, or on Student Allowance.

Beside the scholarships of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna there are also a variety of external grants and fellowships for doctoral students. We collected them for you and hope that this overview provides you with useful information. Please consider that this overview is not exhaustive and that the criteria for the grants also change quite often, so please follow the link in the list and inform yourself on the website of the respective grant.

You find the overview of grants for doctoral students in the section forms and documents.

Please also read the newsletter Art | Research | Support as current grants and fellowships are announced in the newsletter:Newsletter Art | Research | Support.