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Workshop | 21.01.2021, 1.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Venue | Zoom

This half-day workshop focuses on the art of participating convincingly in an online conference, be it as presenter, moderator, or simply as attendee. 

Workshop description

This half-day workshop focuses on the art of participating convincingly in an online conference, be it as presenter, moderator, or simply as attendee. Specific aspects of making a good, professional impression online will be discussed and practiced with particular attention to typical challenging problems that may be expected to occur in the online context. In addition, the flexible seminar outline also allows taking participants' individual interests and needs into consideration.


Based on short input phases, participants will be invited to practice typical situations such as giving (mini-)presentations, handling questions from the audience, starting a session and introducing the first speaker, or getting into (and out of) conversations during coffee and other breaks. Trainer and peer feedback consolidate the learning effect.

Required preparation

Please prepare

1) a short presentation of either yourself or one brief point (max. 2-3 minutes), with or without screensharing/visual aid(s) as you like

2) a typed page of bullet list information that can easily be shared with another participant on:

  • the title of a talk you could be giving (one bullet point)
  • the key message of that talk (one bullet point)
  • relevant background information about yourself (several bullet points)
  • information about the event where you could be giving that talk (1-2 bullet points)
  • information about the framework of the session in which you’d be giving the talk (1-2 bullet points, such as title of the session, theme, …)

A total of roughly 12-15 bullet points should suffice. Please use only key words and phrases; no full sentences. During the workshop, somebody else is going to use this information to open a fictitious but realistic conference session and introduce you and your talk to the online audience.

Workshop trainer

Martin Buxbaum studied English at the Universities of Vienna and Toronto and, after several exciting years in performing arts management and as a theater company and stage director in the U.S. and Austria, he has since 1999 been working as English language and skills trainer on a wide range of communication topics. Employed at UAS BFI Vienna, he also freelances at the University of Vienna, especially in staff development and at the doctoral student center, as well as at other universities and organizations in Austria. In addition, he is a psychodrama practitioner (Moreno) for personal and group development; and he runs a Cuban salsa dance studio in Vienna.

Workshop language: English


Registrations please via email with the subject "Workshop Online Conference Presentations" via doktoratszentrum@akbild.ac.at.