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The Gender Studies Group is appointed by the Working Committee for Equal Treatment and each year selects a number of gender/queer courses which are commissioned by the Vice Rector for Teaching I Promotion of EarlyStage Artists/Researchers. Originating from the "female-specific lectureships", separately financed by the Ministry of Science and Research and established at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, in 1996, these gender/queer courses were integrated into the Academy's Plan for the Advancement of Women in 2004. They significantly extend and complement the courses offered in the research and teaching field gender/queer studies on the level of individual departments and study programs.

Courses planned for the academic year 2015/16:

Winter term:

Susanne Gahbauer: Imag(in)ing Gender in Medical Visual Culture (Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies)

Hanna Hacker: Transkulturelle und transnationale Feminismen: Theorie Aktivismus Medien (Institute for Education in the Arts)

Karin Michalski: Ästhetiken des feministisch-queeren und anti-rassistischen Widerstands (Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies)

Spring term:

Doris Arztmann und Isa Garde: "Wird es besser?" Repräsentationspolitiken, Ästhetik und Dis/ability (Institute for Education in the Arts)

Lydia Hamann: FEMINIST PAINTING Working without the pressure of success (Institute for Fine Arts)

Daniela Jacuk und Nicole Pruckermayr: Sex (and Genders) in the City… - (De!-)Konstruktionen von Geschlecht im öffentlichen (Institute for Art and Architecture)

Stefanie Sourial: Leere Bühnen bewegen. Eine Gratwanderung zwischen Dekonstruktion und Reproduktion im Performativen (Institute for Fine Arts)

The concept submitted for a teaching assignment in gender/queer studies is decisive for the selection of a course: such a concept should illustrate the topicality of its theme and scientific/artistic approach, reflect the lecturer's knowledge of state-of-the-art literature, current exhibitions and artistic positions, outline the course structure and didactic considerations etc. Furthermore, the Gender Studies Group aims to distribute such teaching assignments equally and fairly not only among various degree programs and departments, but also between artists and scientists.

Lecturers are invited to submit their concepts for gender/queer courses annually at the beginning of the summer semester.

Currently, the Gender Studies Group consists of eleven members:

Simone Bader
Denise Beer
Lillian Bocksch
Sabeth Buchman
Carola Dertnig
Jannik Franzen
Elke Gaugele
Doris Guth
Gerda Kaltenbruner
Antje Lehn
Ruby Sircar