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General information on eligibility

  • Applicants must be registered as regular students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
  • Exchange is possible to Erasmus partner universities for individual courses or for the preparation of the diploma exam
  • In case of approval, applicants are entitled to the Erasmus grant, which is a contribution ranging between € 262,- and € 368,- (depending on the cost of living in the host country).
  • The minimum duration of the exchange is three months (one trimester - 12 weeks), the maximum duration is one academic year. Note that only exchanges that have started in the winter semester can be extended to the summer semester.

Application period for the academic year 2016/2017:

Monday, 07th December 2015 to Friday, 04th March 2016
Exchanges that have started in the winter term can be extended to the summer term in case all parties agree.

Application period for remaining Erasmus places for the summer term 2017 (Restplätze): Monday, 26th September to Friday, 07th October 2016

Application forms for an Erasmus application
curriculum vitae
letter of motivation
Enrolment certificate/confirmation of registration
Nomination form

Selection procedure

  1. Submit to the International Office within the application period: nomination form, portfolio, curriculum vitae and letter of motivation
  2. The departmental coordinators will select the applications for the respective partner universities.
  3. The portfolios have to be sent to the partner universities
  4. Partner universities approve or decline
  5. In case of approval by the partner institution, other Erasmus forms are required; pick them up at the International Office

Selection criteria for Erasmus applications to a partner university of the Academy specified by the departmental coordinators for international exchanges

  1. Eligibility according to the guidelines on Erasmus mobility (of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission, version authored by ÖAD GmbH, National Agency for Lifelong Learning, valid in the current contract year,
  2. Artistic quality and expertise (portfolio)
  3. Application forms completed and submitted within the application period
  4. The number of completed study semesters will be taken into account
  5. Applications are only admissible if there has been no prior Erasmus study exchange

Important comments

  • The Erasmus student exchange is possible only once, which means that no prior Erasmus student exchange, even in a different study programme or at a different university, is admissible. The Erasmus exchange is only possible with Erasmus partner universities of the Academy.
  • When students start their stay abroad, they must be enrolled at least in the third semester of the study programme relevant for their Erasmus exchange or have completed the first year of their basic study period. This means that when their exchange starts students must have successfully acquired at least 60 ECTS credits.
  • Erasmus exchange applicants must be registered as regular students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Please also note:

  • In principle, mobility to the country of origin is possible but will get lowest priority in the selection process.
  • Mobility to the country of origin is not possible for students who are still residents of the country of origin and who are still living there and commute to an Austrian University or
  • if the exchange takes place near the students' home town (e. g., in the case of Germany, small distance to the province of origin).

The final approval for an exchange study place will be issued by the partner universities.

Language courses

In the case of an Erasmus exchange, the students concerned may attend language courses.

  1. The host university offers a language course. Please check the host University's website.
  2. You can take steps yourself to find a language course held at an official language school of the host country immediately before or during your stay. The original invoice and certificate of attendance have to be sent to the International office after your return to Austria. Please inform the International Office about this language course and the cost as soon as you know. Englisch, German, Italian, French and Spanish are exempt from this opportunity offered.
  3. It is also possible to attend a language course beforehand, while still in Austria. These language courses may be financialy supported by the International Office, depending on available funds (related to the number of applicants). You will receive this additional financial support, if applicable, as a refund by the International Office after the original invoice and certificate of attendance have been submitted. Englisch, German, Italian, French and Spanish are exempt from this opportunity offered.
  4. The European Commission plans to provide online language courses and language assessments without costs for exchange students for Englisch, German, Italian, French and Spanish.


    You are obliged to have sufficient health and accident insurance coverage for the total length of your stay abroad. Contact your health insurance fund for information about insurance coverage during stays in other countries. Also get information about the coverage of the insurance by the student unions fee (

    Financial support for students
    Applications for study-abroad grants awarded by the Austrian Study Grant Authority within an Erasmus application process should be submitted to:
    Gudrunstraße 179a, 1100 Wien
    P +43 1 601 73-0
    F +43 1 601 73-240