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Students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna can spend a placement period in other European countries. The placement is hosted by businesses, training and research institutions or other organisations. Excluded are national diplomatic representations (embassy, consulate) of the student's home country and EU bodies, for instance the European Parliament. Students may apply for a placement after the first year of studies has been completed.

Erasmus placements are based on the Training Agreement concluded between the student, the sending institution and the host institution and must be recognised by the home university. Each student may spend both - an Erasmus student's mobility and an Erasmus placement mobility, which means that they can spend up to 24 months during their studies abroad with support from the EU.

During the placement period, students are exempt of any study fees at the Academy.

For the time of the ERASMUS placement, Austrian students who receive a study allowance from the Studienbeihilfebehörde at Gudrun Straße are not eligible for a study-abroad grant (Auslandszuschuß). Those recipients of a study allowance who undergo an obligatory internship and do not receive financial aid under the Erasmus programme may apply for a special grant at the Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Dept. I/8.

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Language courses

Directly before starting the placement a language course (minimum 2 weeks - maximum 1 month) can be taken within the granted period in the host country.

As part of Erasmus, prior to their placement abroad students can attend an intensive language course (EILC) financially supported by the EU in the host country. The EILC application should be submitted via the Academy's International Office. During the intensive language course the Erasmus grant of the respective country will already be paid.

More information is available at: and at the International Office.

Insurance coverage

You are obliged to make arrangements for sufficient insurance coverage (travel insurance, health insurance and liability protection) in the host country. For information please consult your insurance carrier, or the Federal Austrian Students' Union at

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