For teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Erasmus programme offers the following mobility opportunities:

Teaching Assignments-STA and Monitoring Visits.

Erasmus incoming teachers, please direct your inquiry about an STA teaching period directly to the Academy's Institute of your choice, or to the Academy's International Office.

Outgoing Teaching Assignments-STA

Where to go, who benefits
Within the framework of this Erasmus project, teaching assignments for teachers of the Academy are organised at universities abroad or at other relevant institutions. Teachers with special needs may apply for an additional grant from the EU.

The obligatory teaching period is at least eight hours on two days. The maximum duration is two weeks.

Several assignments
It is possible to take over several consecutive assignments at different partner universities, provided that the minimum requirements are met for each of these assignments.

Costs eligible for refunding

Agreement between university and staff

The Academy concludes a mobility agreement with each staff concerned. The teaching programme as well as financial conditions are included in this agreement.



Dienstreiseantrag Erasmus (Erasmus travel application)

Abrechnung Dienstreise Erasmus (Erasmus statement of travel expenses )

STA - Teaching Assignment

STA - Vereinbarung (mobility agreement)

STA - Teaching Confirmation

STA - Lehrendenbericht (teacher'sreport)


Erasmus Teaching Assignment-STA, Michael Hedwig
Printmaking Workshop, 30 April-4 May 2012
Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey




Monitoring Visits

Contact and information:

International Office

Costs eligible for refunding



Dienstreiseantrag Erasmus (Erasmus travel application)

Abrechnung Dienstreise Erasmus (Erasmus travel expenses statement)

Monitoring Visit Confirmation