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What is MORE?

MORE is an initiative of the representative organisation of Austrian public universities - Universities Austria - that allows asylum seekers and those entitled to asylum to attend courses, lectures in all fields of study including the arts at Austrian universities and offers them the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and language competence. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna will focus its activities within the framework of MORE on the needs of unaccompanied underage refugees who are interested in study opportunities in fine arts.

Who may study within the framework of MORE?

  • Asylum seekers with a temporary stay permit card according to § 51 AsylG (white card)
  • Persons entitled to asylum or to subsidiary protection (notification letter)
  • Persons with English and / or German language skills (depending on the particular requirements of the courses). A translation into Farsi is only possible in the drawing workshop.

MORE offers:

1. Drawing workshop – unfortunately no registration possible!

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers a limited number of places for underage refugees in a drawing workshop. Please understand that the workshop is already fully booked this semester, and due to the great interest we cannot provide a waiting list.

2. Language courses

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers MORE German courses on level A1.1 and A1.2 exclusively for underage refugees (90 minutes per week, on Saturdays). If you are interested in attending a course, please send an email to . Unfortunately, the courses are already fully booked this semester, but you can be put on a waiting list.

3. MORE – studies as irregular students

If you have already studied in one of the study programs offered at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in another country and want to continue this study program at the Academy, then please send an email to and enclose all documents relating to your previous studies (scans of certificates and their translation into English or German, etc.). If you don’t have any written documents about your studies, please specify at which university and which subject you have studied and define your level of study (year of study and study program). Please also inform us of your proficiency in English or German, respectively.

As an irregular MORE student you can participate in scientific lectures and take exams.

Depending on the availability of free places and after passing an assessment test, there is the opportunity to participate in other selected courses. Which courses these are, is decided on an individual basis.

Please note: You can be enrolled as an irregular MORE student only until the next admission exam in the relevant study program. If you want to continue studying afterwards, you will need to pass the admission exam.

University studies

Regardless of their residence status, asylum seekers and those entitled to asylum can complete regular studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. This requires that you apply for the respective study program within the framework of the admission exam. Information about all study programs and their procedures and requirements for admission can be found on our website.

Once you are enrolled as a regular student, it will be checked whether examinations of your previous studies may be recognized at the Academy.


If you have any questions, please contact . We kindly ask for your patience as we try to answer all your questions as soon as possible. If we can provide you with a place as a MORE student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, we will inform you by email about the further steps of enrollment.