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The support-programme “Mentoring-Programm Kunst” of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna aims to support graduates of the Academy with independent artistic practice in developing a professional artistic career. Set at the interface between studies and freelance artistic work, the one-year scholarship program is aimed at graduates from all fields of study at the academy who want to receive mentoring for the first phase after their studies. This individual transfer of knowledge and experience by mentors from outside the university from the arts and culture is, in addition to financial support, the central aspect of the program.

The program serves to promote young artists at the academy as well as the equal participation of the sexes in the art field and offers graduates the opportunity to gain diverse insights into the art industry and practical knowledge to develop a professional artistic career.

The program's cooperation partner is the Association of Austrian Women Artists (VBKÖ) and the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport (BMKÖS).

Members of the Advisory Board

Ingeborg Erhart, Vice-Rector for Art I Teaching, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Elke Krasny, Institute for Art Teaching, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Bettina Leidl, director of the Kunsthaus Vienna

Barbara Pflanzner, Project Coordinator Art Mentoring Program, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Soso Phist, artist Vienna

Constanze Ruhm, Institute for Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Ruby Sircar, Association of Austrian Women Artists (VBKÖ)