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The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna would like to support promising and motivated but socially disadvantaged students from third countries* as well as stateless persons, convention refugees and persons entitled to subsidiary protection. The Academy would like to contribute to the living expenses of these students and therefore has provided  EUR 30.000 from the art auction 2020/21 for the Second Year Scholarship.


Deadline: 11.5. – 9.6.2021 (11:00 am)

Please send your documents via your student-e-mail-address to
Please submit exclusively via PDF (all documents in one single PDF-file).

Application form 2021

Scholarship benefits:

  • EUR 6.000 for the second year of study, half-yearly payment. Payment for the summer semester depending on the study progress in the winter semester.
  • Waiver of study fees for the second year of study

 Application requirements:

  • Active regular diploma, bachelor or master students in the first year of study at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
  • Citizenship of a third country* or
  • Stateless persons, convention refugees or persons entiteld to subsidiary protection.
  • The expected fulfilment of all curricular requirements for the first year of study must be demonstrated by the completed classes in the first semester and those classes in which student participate in the second semester.
  • Furthermore, it should be foreseeable that the bachelor will be completed in the minimum period of study, the first part of the diploma program can be completed within two years and the required language competence can be demonstrated  after one year.
  • Social need.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. At least one letter must be from the  head of studio (Fachbereichsleiter_innen), in whose field the admission took place in the first semester. The letters of recommendation should mainly focus on the applicant's previous academic progress  and his_her motivation for  studies.

* Except all member states of the EEA as well as Switzerland and the United Kingdom (the EEA includes the 27 EU-member states and the so-called EFTA-states Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway)

Criteria for grants:

  • Fulfilment of the application requirements
  • Complete application materials: application form + all required documents, certificates (as noted on the application form)
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered

Exchange students and dual citizens of an EEA member state (incl. Switzerland, United Kingdom) do not qualify for this grant.

The recotorate will decide annually on the allocation of grants.