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All regular students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna who have paid tuition fees in the preceding semester and didn't receive a refund from another institution are welcome to apply retrospectively for a social stipend in the following semester.

The stipend is directed to current students as well as alumni who finished their studies in the preceding semester. It is necessary to upload a readable scan or photo of your residence registration certificate (Meldebestätigung aus dem Zentralen Melderegister) as well as your confirmation of enrolment (Studienbestätigung) for the relevant semester.

Deadline for the winter semester: 01.04.–31.05.

Deadline for the summer semester: 01.10.–30.11.

Application exclusively via https://calls.akbild.ac.at/.

To use our submission system https://calls.akbild.ac.at, you have to register once (if you haven't an account already) - please register with your @student.akbild.ac.at email address to identify yourself as a student. You can then log in with your access data, you CANNOT log in with the AkademieOnline password.