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serves as advancement of artistic, scholarly and arts-based research projects by students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna - diploma projects by students who are about to graduate are given priority.

Please note that the potentially funded project must be directly linked to the respective study program. This means that e.g. artistic projects applied for by doctoral candidates will not be funded. Exception: PhD in Practice candidates may apply for funding of artistic projects since these are required by the curriculum.

For Diploma students: Please apply before you finish your studies!
It is necessary to attach a scan of your "Meldezettel".

Deadline: 30.04. - 04.05.2018

Please submit exclusively via PDF (all documents in one single PDF-file)

More information and application form:
call and application form
financial plan

Necessary if project financing has been granted:

Please note that you have to deliver a report and an accounting including original receipts to the Vice-Rectorate for Teaching I Promotion of Early Stage Artists/Researchers. After completion of the respective project, a report and an accounting including original receipts must be submitted in time.

Deadline for the account:

Project Financing provided in the winter semester: May 31st of the following calendar year

Project Financing provided in the summer term: November 30th of the same calendar year