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Merit Scholarship

serves as recognition of outstanding achievements and relate to the study performance of the preceding academic year.

Work Scholarship

Annual scholarship (October to September à € 650) provided through the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research to promote students who have completed their diploma project and have demonstrated high achievement.

Requirement: Austrian or citizenship of an EEA country (including Switzerland), as well as equivalent third countries and stateless persons in accordance with § 4 Abs. 1 StudFG

Project Financing

Serves to promote artistic, scientific and art-based research projects by students of all fields of study.

Please note that the potentially funded project must be directly linked to the respective study program. This means that e.g. artistic projects applied for by doctoral candidates will not be funded. Exception: PhD in Practice candidates may apply for funding of artistic projects since these are required by the curriculum.

Social Stipend

All regular students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna who have paid tuition fees in the preceding semester and didn't receive a refund from another institution are welcome to apply retrospectively for a social stipend in the following semester.

Second Year Scholarship

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna would like to support promising and motivated but socially disadvantaged students from third countries* (incl. Croatia) as well as stateless persons, convention refugees and persons entitled to subsidiary protection. The Academy would like to contribute to the living expenses of these students and therefore has provided  EUR 20.000 from the art auction 2020 for the Second Year Scholarship.

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