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The Art Division comprises the following departments or areas of assistance:

Dept. 1 - Visual Arts, Architecture, Design and Fashion

Dept. 2 - Music and Performing Arts, Arts Education, General Art Affairs

Dept. 3 - Film and Media Art, Photography, Cultural Policy

Dept. 4 - Cultural Management, Statistics, Cost- and Benefit of the Division

Dept. 5 - Literature and Publishing

Dept. 6 - Bilateral and multilateral cultural events internationally, achievement affairs, public relations for the Division,

Dept. 7 - Support of regional art initiatives and centres, support of intellectual activities, interdisciplinary projects

The Österreichische Filmförderungsfonds, founded in 1980, is one of the intermediary institutions to be taken out of the direct administration by the Art Division and in 1993 was renamed the Austrian Film Institute as was KulturKontakt AUSTRIA, founded in 1989, for cultural cooperation in the new Eastern European democracies. Additionally, the preservation and the administration of the Federal art collection was handed over in 2002 to the "Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Digitalisierung des Kulturgutes" (association promoting the digitalising of cultural heritage).