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The academy is getting a new visual identity. In addition, our website will be technically revised, further developed and adapted step by step. We thank our visitors for their patience. You can find more information to the corporate design on the microsite.

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Online consultation every Monday from 11.00 a.m.!
Information and counselling on study programs and admission exams.

Just follow this link: https://akbild-ac-at.zoom.us/j/97104740303

Willkommenstaschen Get your Welcome Bag at the Student Welcome Center! photo © Christina Fasching 

Online Study Information Fine Arts Diploma program: Friday, 26th March, 2.00 pm.

For detailed information and zoom link, please check the event on the homepage!

Don’t hesitate to contact the Student Welcome Center for further questions and matters!

The Student Welcome Center is the central contact point for students and prospective students regarding study-specific questions. The focus of the Student Welcome Center lies on the needs of first-year students and regular international students.

The advisory services of the Student Welcome Center include:

We would gladly arrange a personal consultation or via video conference for your individual questions.

The Student Welcome Center is also responsible for the organization of the Orientation program for first-year students and the development and provision of information material like the Welcome Guide for new students.