After successfully passing the admission test, you must register in person at the registrar's office. The respective dates for admission (the so-called registration for continuing students) you will find under Calendar. Please consult the registrar's office with any questions regarding enrolment.

For enrolment as a full-time student, the following documents are required:

For all study programs:

For the following study programs, additional documents are required:

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Architecture as well as all Education in the Arts programs:

Master of Fine Arts, Architecture:

Master in Critical Studies:

Doctoral Studies:

Depending on the study program, you must also show competency in the German language.

Non-degree studies ('Außerordentliche Studien'):

Non-degree study includes participation in university seminars and visiting individual courses in scholarly subjects. For enrolment for non-degree study you must appear in person at the registrar's office. Admission as a part-time student requires the following documentation:

All documents for the enrolment to study are to be presented in original form; foreign language documents must be presented with German translation. Copies are to be made of all documents to remain at the registrar's office.

For questions regarding certified documents, translations, apostilles, etc., please contact the  registrar's office.