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I. German language classes offered by the Academy

Within its course program, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers German as a Foreign Language classes at different levels.

Overview on the German language courses offered by the Academy – academic year 2017/18:   

German Courses 

Please find more details on the German courses in our online course catalogue in due time AkademieOnline.

II. German Intensive courses: A1.1 and B1.1

For those students who would like to attend a German course before the semester starts there will be a two-week German Intensive course ‘Level A1.1‘ as well as 'Level B1.1' from 17.9.-28.9.2018. If you are interested in attending the course, please apply by e-mail with your name and study program

Deadline: 26 August 2018

New students can apply after passing the admission exam or once they have received the confirmation about their place as an exchange student, respectively. 

III. Information for students of the fine arts diploma program

The curriculum for the fine arts study program regulates that all students have to demonstrate proficiency in German before they can register for the third semester, i.e. for the second year of study. For fine arts, we define proficiency as B1-level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Students of fine arts who do not know German at all or at a lower level than B1 the Academy provides the following plan for reaching ‘Level B1‘ in German within the first year of study: Leaflet German courses. Those students who have an advanced level of German may check their level according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages and choose the course appropriate to their language level.

IV. Learn German by yourself – self study

Students who prefer to learn German on their own can check their language level according to the self-assessment grid (Common European Framework of References for Languages).

If your learned German through self study and therefore do not have an accepted certificate, please inform the registrar’s office (Studienabteilung). They will help you arrange for an assessment of your German proficiency on B1.1 level. Please understand that the Academy will pay for one test only per person.

V. Learning German for free - ONLINE

Please find free online resources for learning German as well as other useful links on the following leaflet Where to learn German for free.