This scholarship program supports the scientific exchange of students from Austria and the USA. Scholarships of 3,000 and 10,000 euros are awarded for three- to five-month study programs at a guest university in the respective country. It is intended to support the development of a research topic.

The application can be requested from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna's International Relations Office. Those who receive this scholarship award are exempted from tuition fees at the Academy if the study duration at a US-university is at least 30 days.

Requirements and required documentation for application:

After receiving the scholarship award

Application process:

At the time of submission, the applicant's data from the International Relations Office is entered into the databank of the Marshall Plan Anniversary Foundation. The applicants are then reviewed by a team of experts and, if accepted into the program, students are contacted by the Marshall Plan Foundation regarding a contractual agreement.
The application process takes several months. One should plan for study abroad in the semester following the semester in which the student applied.
After completing the study program in the USA:
At the latest 3 months after completing the foreign study program, a confirmation by the guest institution detailing the actual time frame of study (on official stationary, signature, and stamp) and the research work in electronic form is to be submitted to the International Relations Office (Gabriele Reinharter: <> ).