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Depending on the country of citizenship and length of stay, different regulations for visas and residency permits apply to international students in Austria:

Exchange Students:

Those students who come to Austria for a semester or for a year in the context of an Erasmus program or a bilateral agreement between the Academy of Fine Arts and another university, please refer to the International Relations Office

International students who wish to complete a study program at the Academy:

The following includes detailed information on visas and residency permits, organised according to the phase of the admission process:

1. What to do after you have received the invitation for an oral admission exam.

2. What to do after successfully passing the admission exam.

Requirement to register with the police:

All persons who reside in Austria are required to register with the police. This means that you must register at your local district within three days after you have moved into a residence. More details are available from the Austrian Agency for International Mobility and Cooperation.


An overview of the legal regulations regarding visas and residency permits can be found on the pages of the Austrian Agency for International Mobility and Cooperation.


Residency permits for students are given only for limited stays in Austria. The request for an extension of the permit must be made before the visa's expiration date (and at the earliest three months beforehand) of the residency permit.