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Examination date 2014:

Online registration May 12 - June 13, 2014

Short interview plus presentation of the portfolio on June 30 or July 1, 2014

Three-day admission exam on July 2, 3 and 4, 2014

Please find details on the information sessions and folder/portfolio interviews on the Website of the IKL.

Apart from the usual school-leaving or similar certificate, applicants for the degree course "Education in the Arts" at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna are required to pass an admission examination. This exam takes place once a year at the end of the summer semester (see examination dates below) and is valid for the three school subjects

  • Art Education - Art and Communication
  • Design, Architecture, and Education - Contextual Design
  • Textile Arts - Fashions and Styles

This exam serves to determine whether an applicant is qualified for studying one of these subjects at the Institute for Education in the Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Applicants register online for the Admission Examination. They are moreover required to submit and present a portfolio with samples of their work, to provide us with an impression of the respective applicant's most recent artistic/creative work and interests. We have no specifications regarding media, materials, format, size or scope of this work - applicants can decide individually which and how many of their artistic/creative works they would like to show in their portfolios.

The following skills and competences will be tested in the Admission Examination:

  • The ability to develop and realize certain themes in an artistic/creative process; this includes focus of content, and understanding of form, space and material
  • The ability of differentiated perception and of translating this into free artistic/creative action
  • Communicative competence and articulateness

The Admission Examination consists of the following parts:

1. A short interview that includes the presentation of the portfolio before the examination panel

In a short interview (of approximately 5 minutes) with the exam panel, applicants will have the chance to introduce themselves, to present their portfolios, and to answer the panel's questions about the portfolio and their interests and study motivation. After this short presentation, the panel will discuss whether the respective candidate will be admitted to the three-day exam.

2. Three-day artistic/creative examination

This part of the Admission Examination lasts for three days and includes special tasks connected with the three school subjects, which all candidates have to pass regardless of which one they wish to study. Only those who qualified for one of the three subjects at a previous admission exam are exempt from the respective part of the current exam.

After the three-day exam and the ensuing conference of the examination panel, applicants are informed of their results per email and lists displayed on a notice board; this means that they will then know which of the school subjects they can study.