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The coordination office The Academy Goes to School (Akademie geht in die Schule/AgidS) at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna strives to provide information about studying at the Academy in the most low-threshold form possible and thus reach those people who are currently underrepresented at the Academy.

The office focuses on activities that show ways to study at the arts university as well as on the creation of structures that enable access. Its long-term goal is to reduce educational inequality through forward-looking initiatives, with special emphasis on the importance of intercultural education.

Selective and medium-term events, joint projects, and workshop series allow for making contacts, establishing relationships with schools and extracurricular institutions, and, thus, for creating active and growing networks.

In its involvement with each joint project, AgidS endeavors to offer formats that meet the young people’s special needs: selective workshops, activities within the context of courses at the academy, portfolio consultations, speed datings, etc.

We are currently working with schools and youth centers in and outside Vienna, as well as with associations, museums, and other cultural institutions.