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The Coordination Office for the Advancement of Women | Gender Studies | Diversity aims to promote equal opportunities, diversity and gender studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Its work is based on the Plan for the Advancement of Women and Equality at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienns, the relevant statutes of the Austrian Universities Act, and the federal Equal Treatment Act.

01. Advancement of women / Equal Opportunities / Gender Mainstreaming

  • Support of a gender-conscious organizational development
  • Gender Budgeting
  • Development of measures for the advancement of women & antidiscrimination strategies
  • Establishing a gender-conscious language (Guideline)
  • Reports on gender distribution at the Academy

02. Initiating, coordinating, and developing research and teaching activities in the context of interdisciplinary women's and gender studies

03. Coordination of measures to promote diversity within the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

04. Establishing inter-university and internal networks and implementing European programs for women in science, research, and art