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Thoughts and interventions of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
The current crisis and its rules of conduct is an interesting aesthetic and political phenomenon - reason enough to reflect on it from the perspective of the arts and their institutions. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna collects art and art theory contributions from all disciplines of the house - in written and visual form - on the current situation caused by the worldwide pandemic. We invite you, teachers and students, artists and researchers to participate!


Rector Johan F. Hartle started off with his essay COVID 19 als ästhetisch-politische Ordnung, which identifies a need for action in this crisis and says: "It will rather be about learning to perceive resources, to differentiate between perspectives, to experiment with them. All this is part of the practice of the arts. The art academies are not sleeping these weeks…"

Contributions from the institutes and the students have already been published:

Johan F. Hartle, rector of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna:
COVID 19 als ästhetisch-politische Ordnung

Iman Issa, professor at the Insitute for Fine Arts, studio of Sculpture and Spatial Strategies
On Language

Ashley Hans Scheirl, Professor for Contextual Painting and Jakob Lena Knebl, Senior Artist at the Institute for Artistic Teaching speak with Ingeborg Erhart, Vice Rector for Art | Teaching
Reduce to the max

A contribution by Jens Bülskämper, art critic and student at the Kunstakademie Münster
Figuren der Abstraktion

With Carola Dertnig in the performance of Disruption as A New Nothing by Helmut Ploebst
Die Pest in the global village

A contribution by journalist Christa Benzer, on "public space or rather what is left of it", was written after visiting the presentations Multiple Singularities and We'll double back, seesaw and leave in tracks and traces in the Akademie's exhibition space at Eschenbachgasse 11.
Öffentlich, nicht für alle

Stephanie Damianitsch, responsible for the exhibition area of the Academy, and the initiators and artists of the exhibition Multiple Singularities (Ting-Jung Chen, Vasilena Gankovska, Jelena Micić, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair, Martina Z. Šimkovičová, Anastasiya Yarovenko) for the reopening of the exhibition space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at Eschenbachgasse 11 on 2 June 2020 
Multiple Singularities – Streiflichter auf die Normierungsmacht des öffentlichen Raumes

Contribution by Elke Krasny, professor at the Institute for Education in the Arts
Care Feminism for Living with an Infected Planet

René Schober, custodian of the Graphic Collection
Die Corona-Apokalypse oder ein kleiner pestialischer Streifzug durch die Kunstgeschichte

Martin Beck, Professor at the Insitute for Education in the Art
Down the Rabbit Hole

Open letter of solidarity from scientists and urban planners initiated by Gabu Heindl, lecturer at the Institute for Art and Architecture and Bettina Köhler, lecturer at the University of Vienna
Wer zahlt die Krise? Forderungen zur Wohnungspolitik in und nach Corona-Zeiten

Karo Kuchar, student at the Institute for Fine Art, Studio Expanded Pictorial Space
Coromance - a romantic comedy about love and desire during hard times

Iris Julia Gütler, associated scientist in the DFG Research Group TP 5 Participating criticism
... eine transversale virale Linie ... die zum Vorschein bringt ...

Exhibition at Friends
Anna Khodorkovskaya, Alumna of the studio Abstract Painting, Institute for Fine Arts

Peter Reischl, student at the Institute for Fine Arts, Expanded Pictorial Space-Action/Sculpture/Installation, Judith Huemer

Jakob Ehrlich, student of Master in Critical Studies
Maßnahme zur Eindämmung von omnipräsenter Gegenwart* **

Claudia Koch, curator of the Paintings Gallery and lecturer at the Institute for Conservation – Restoration
Anmerkungen zur Kunstbetrachtung vor Originalen im Zeitalter von Distance Learning oder die Bedeutung digitaler Bilddaten

Ako, Student at the Insitute for Education in the Art
All we need is health

Elisabeth von Samsonow, Professor for Philosophical and Historic Anthropology of Arts, Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies
The Dissident Goddesses’ Network CORONA STATEMENT

Judith Huemer, Professor for Expanded Pictorial Space-Action/Sculpture/Installation at the Institute for Fine Arts
Wo nlands haft

Jens Kastner, Senior Scientist at the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies:
Das Leben der Anderen

Marina Gržinić, Professor for Conceptual Art (Post-Conceptual Art Practices):
Refugees, Europe, death and Covid-19

Sabeth Buchmann, Art historian and Professor at the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies
Im virtuellen Kollektiv gesprochen 

Wilfried Vetter, Institute for Natural Sciences and Technology in the Arts
Der Wert einer Ausbildung

Rita Wiesinger, Institute for Natural Sciences and Technology in the Arts
In 80 Tagen um die Welt

Ayla Pierrot Arendt, Alumna, Diploma 2011, Studio for Figurative Painting
Live Reflection, 2020

Benedikt Werth, Student at the Institute for Fine Art, Art and Film
Monolog eines Preppers und Under Corona

Stefan Malicky, Alumnus, Diploma 2001, Studio for Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques
Wider den Stillstand! … etwas Geistreiches und Löcher im Bild

Philippe Batka, Artist, Curator and Alumnus (Diploma 2007), Institute for Fine Art
In der Nähe des Anderen

Nina Geschl, PhD student of Elisabeth von Samsonow, Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies
Harte Zeiten?! Harte Zeilen!

Dubravka Jembrih-Simbürger, Staff Scientist, Institute for Natural Sciences and Technology in the Arts
Alkohol und/gegen Corona

A contribution from the International Office and exchange students
common diary of these times

The contents of the texts/contributions reflect the opinion of the authors and not necessarily that of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. All contributions are published in the original language.