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Professor of Urbanism

© Joost Meuwissen   © Joost Meuwissen  

Born 1950 in Breda, Netherlands

1978 Architectural studies at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands | 1988 Ph.D. at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Professional Record (selection)
1995-2000 Partner in the One Architecture office in Amsterdam, Netherlands | since 2001 Independent architect in Amsterdam, Netherlands | since 1986 Editor-in-chief of the Wiederhall Architectural Serial | 1996-1997 Austrian Contactman for the preparation of the European Ministerial Conference on Sustainable Building | 2000-2002 Advisor of the Graz Municipal Urban Development Agency | 2000-2002 Head of the Institute of Urbanism and Environmental Design at Graz University of Technololy, Austria | Numerous lectures in Europe and the USA, critical writings and contributions to architectural publications, recently: Örbanism texte aus österreich approaches to urbanism in austria. Edited by Elise Feiersinger, Joost Meuwissen and Heidi Pretterhofer, translated by Emma Vincent, Johannes Fiedler and ArchTrans (Edition Selene, Vienna 2002)

Teaching (selection)
1980-1985 Research Assistent at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands | 1992-1995 Associate Professor of Gebäudelehre at Karlsruhe University, Germany | 1995- 2002 Professor of Urbanism and Design at Graz University of Technology, Dept of Architecture, Austria | Guest lectures at the universities of Rotterdam, Zurich, Aarhus, Stockholm, Oslo, Trondheim, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Groningen, Vienna, Utrecht, Berlin, Linz, Bonn, and Hamburg | since 1 Oct 2002 Professor for Urbanism at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Projects and Competitions (selection)
1996 Salzburg ASK/Stiegl area invited competition, 1st prize | 1998 Building on Dikes competition (with Noël van Dooren), 2nd prize | 1998 Judenburg-West invited competition | 1999 Krimpen a/d IJssel Town Hall Square invited competition (with Berend Strik), 1st prize | 1999 Santiago de Compostela City of Culture invited competition (with O.M.A.) | 1999 Extension of a villa near Eindhoven | 2000 Neanderthal invited competition (with Noël van Dooren) | 2001 Office interior in the former Philips headquarters at the Emmasingel, Eindhoven, Netherlands | 2001-2002 Rabin Square Peace Forum competition at Tel Aviv, one of the 1st prizes

Papers presented
1990 at the Context & Modernity Conference, Delft, Netherlands | 1991 at the Giorgio Grassi Seminar, Delft, Netherlands | 1994 at the Point City Masterclass at the Berlage Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands | 1994 at the Bliss Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands | 1996 at the Stadt mbH Symposium at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria | 1997 at the After Vinex Symposium, Delft, Netherlands | 1997 at the AnyHow Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands | 1997 at the Dutch Style? Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands | 1998 at the Art Node Symposium on Gilles Deleuze, Stockholm, Sweden | 1998 at the URBAN Conference Graz, Austria | 1999 at the Ethics in Architecture EAAE Workshop, Aarhus | 2001 at the LifeScapes Symposium, Vienna, Austria | 2002 at the What ever happened to functionalism? series of lectures, Delft, Netherlands

October 2002