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The following measures take effect from Monday, 22 November until Sunday, 12 December 2021:


  • Access to all locations only with negative PCR test (valid for 48h from sample collection)!
  • Basic rule: Any contacts at less than 2 meters distance without FFP2 masks must be avoided!
  • Opening hours of all locations will be restricted to the following times: Monday–Saturday (excluding holidays) 8 am–8 pm. Last admission is at 6 pm, all buildings must be left by 8 pm.
  • Increased access checks and random checks will take place at all locations.


From 22 November through 3 January 2022, all events (including events already approved) must be cancelled without exception or may optionally be transferred to digital space.


  • Basic rule: Any contacts at less than 2 meters distance without FFP2 masks must be avoided!
  • Meetings are to be reduced to a minimum, meetings with several people are to be held digitally.
  • Home office is possible after consultation with department or institute heads, provided that the department or institute remains fully functional and can be reached by phone.


Please remember the obligation to wear FFP2 masks

  • whenever the minimum distance of 2 meters to other people cannot be maintained
  • wherever spontaneous encounters may happen – especially in hallways, meeting areas, kitchens, toilets, etc.


  • Classes are held in distance form. Appropriate information and access links must be submitted to students in a timely manner to their Akbild e-mail addresses only.
  • Teaching and research that cannot take place in digital form (one-on-one artistic instruction as well as work in ateliers, studios, workshops, and labs) may continue to take place in presence to a very limited extent in shifts and under the strictest hygiene regulations.
  • Number of people present in a room depends on the spatial conditions; however, a maximum number of 8 people may be present in a room at the same time.
  • Heads of departments and workshops, in consultation with heads of institutes, develop shift plans to ensure that direct contact between students and teaching staff is kept at a necessary minimum.
  • Wearing of FFP2 masks at all times, contact tracing (attendance lists), regular ventilation, etc. must be ensured.


A maximum of 8 people are allowed in the reading room of the main library. In the IKL library, only loans and returns are possible.

The archive is accessible (in reduced manner) by individual appointment.


Exhibitions will be closed from 22 November to 12 December 2021.


Please note that disregarding the PCR test obligation, disregarding the requirement to report a COVID-19 infection, and failure to comply with the protective measures will have consequences: Individuals found without a valid negative PCR test result will be warned and banished from the building for the rest of the day. Further violations may result in longer reprimands and, if necessary, consequences under personnel law.


In case you should test positive for COVID-19 or are considered a suspected case, please urgently stick to the following procedure (regardless of directions given by official authorities):

1)     The person concerned must immediately isolate themselves and switch to working from home/distance learning.

2)     The person concerned must notify the Rectorate and HR department by e-mail (rektor@akbild.ac.at; k.diewald@akbild.ac.at; pers@akbild.ac.at) (and cc the head of department or head of the institute), stating the full name as well as the department/institute affiliation.

3)     The person concerned (or a person of the respective organizational unit in his or her capacity as a representative) must submit to Katharina Diewald a complete list of names of all Academy members with whom he or she has had contact during 48 hours before first symptoms started or before sample collection that led to positive result (persons with whom he or she has had contact for 15 minutes or longer and at a distance of less than 2 meters).

Employees and students who do not immediately report a COVID-19 infection to the Rector's Office will be warned.


According to latest information, the third vaccination dose is available 4 months after the second vaccination for:

  • all persons, regardless of age, risk diagnosis and type of vaccine received*
  • recovered persons who received one vaccination dose after their illness (regardless of the type of vaccine)

* Individuals who have had a vaccination with Johnson&Johnson will receive a booster starting 28 days later.

To be on the safe side, you may check your dates with the online calculator, which will generate your recommended booster date.

Find an overview of all locations in Vienna to get vaccinated – with or without appointment – under: https://impfservice.wien/corona/

You can also get vaccinated against COVID-19 in these doctors' practices.

The closest option to Schillerplatz is the vaccination street at TU Wien, available without appointment from Monday through Sunday, 8 am–7 pm, all information via: https://www.tuwien.at/tu-wien/corona/schutzimpfung-an-der-tuw

If you have medical questions about the vaccination, please contact 1450.


Gargle tests are available for free pick-up at the main entrances at Schillerplatz, Lehárgasse and Augasse. At KSG, tests are available at the IKL (Isabella Barth/Maria Schekolin) and at Kurzbauergasse at Joe Lämmermayer’s office. Furthermore, the gargle tests are available in all BIPA stores (up to 8 pcs. per person and week free of charge).

Collection boxes are available at the main entrances of the Schillerplatz, Lehárgasse and Augasse locations, collection takes place Monday to Friday between 2 pm and 5 pm. The next drop-off station for Kurzbauergasse is the BILLA store at Praterstern (7 days a week). For KSG, the closest drop-off location is the BIPA store at Mariahilferstraße 7 (Monday–Saturday). In addition, drop-off is certainly possible at all REWE stores (BILLA, BILLA PLUS, PENNY, BIPA, BP MERKUR inside, JET BILLA STOP&SHOP, SHELL BILLA Unterwegs).

In order to display all pick-up and drop-off points we recommend to use https://www.wien.gv.at/stadtplan/ (tick "Alles gurgelt" in the navigation bar on the left side). Select "Abgabestellen Montag bis Sonntag " in order to display all delivery points that are open on Sundays (currently more than 80 options).

All drop-off points in Lower Austria can be found at https://gurgeln.noe-testet.at/.

All other PCR testing facilities (gargle boxes, test streets, pharmacies), some of which are also open on Sundays, can be found here:

for Vienna: https://coronavirus.wien.gv.at/testangebote/

for Lower Austria: https://www.noe.gv.at/noe/Coronavirus/Freiwillige_SARS-CoV-2-Tests.html

Thank you for your support in making the Academy a safe place to study and work!