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Until further notice, all locations of the Academy will remain closed. Until 30 June 2020, in order to protect all members of the University and to restrain the spread of the corona virus, no courses with physical presence (seminars, lectures, meetings and meetings of any kind) will be held on the premises of the Academy. With the focus on summer diplomas, the workshops will be opened as soon as the COVID19 protective measures imposed by the Federal Government allow it.

Together with the Senate Chair and the Unirat, we have ensured the quorum of the Senate and all boards appointed by the Senate by emergency decree. Under certain conditions, meetings are now also possible via video conference.

The following regulations for teaching and working during the issued conversion in the course of the Corona Prevention come into force until further notice:


The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna will be closed for employees, students and visitors. This applies to all locations.

From May 4th onwards, our Library will provide all users with a limited but regular lending service again – in compliance with the rules of safety and conduct. The reading rooms will remain closed and access will be directly via the library entrance. Access to Augasse 2-6 will remain restricted until further notice.For general inquiries please contact Further information

The Paintings Gallery (at Theatre Museum) will reopen on 01.07.2020.

The exhibition room Eschenbachgasse will reopen on 02.06.2020.


All public events and physical meetings on the premises of the Academy are cancelled without exception.
All meetings and committee work are moved to virtual rooms. Information can be obtained from your superiors or from the respective chairs


Business trips and excursions have to be cancelled until further notice. In the meantime, no business trips and excursions will be approved. Please mark all (cancellation-)invoices concerning this matter with the annotation "Corona2020".


We know that the transition to distance learning is a major challenge and are impressed by what is already being achieved in this context and by the amount of good ideas being developed for alternative approaches. We thank you very much for your engagement!

The positive development gradually offers us the opportunity to re-open some locations for the holding of examinations and the preparation of diplomas selectively and for individuals only. We assume that, provided that the pandemic continues to decrease, we will be able to offer supervised individual access to the workshops to diploma students from the beginning of May. Detailed arrangements will be made with the responsible persons in the next few days.
Examinations should take place virtually as far as possible. In some justified cases, where this is not possible, examinations can be held in the rooms of the Academy from mid-May onwards and under strict conditions (number of persons present, mouth protection, surface disinfection).

Please check your inbox regularly to be informed about the current situation. Students are encouraged to check their accounts and update their contact details for accessibility purposes.

All study-related questions should be clarified in consultation with the Vice Rectorate for Art and Teaching (

Current portfolio submission dates for the entrance examinations

With regard to the 2020/21 entrance examinations that are still outstanding, we are currently negotiating with the institutes on a new procedure and are preparing a digital recording process for the exceptional case. The entrance examinations will take place in summer. We will inform you about the exact dates as soon as possible.

Situation of the Students

We very much welcome the fact that Federal Minister Heinz Faßmann has now publicly declared himself in favour of a neutral semester. This would make the currently difficult study situation easier for students (with regard to minimum duration of studies, scholarships etc.).

In this context, we would like to draw your attention to the social fund of the ÖH: Here students can find spontaneous and unbureaucratic support. The ÖH has decided to increase the usual funds from 6,000 Euros to 25,000 Euros. The rectorate has increased the social fund by another 10,000 Euros.


The general working mode is maintained with home office. All employees must be available by phone and email during regular office hours. The Rectorate asks you to use the coming weeks for project work and reporting obligations. Provided that the operational procedures are secured, overtime and vacation reduction is suggested.

The Rectorate will endeavour to find individual and appropriate solutions for all employees in consultation with the supervisors and departments.

All labor law issues must be clarified in consultation with the Vice Rectorate for Finance | Human Resources | Special Projects (


Any members of the Academy who experience typical symptoms of coronavirus as fever or cough, shortness of breath respectively respiratory problems are asked to contact the public health service of the city of Vienna by calling the telephone number 1450. instructions. Inform your supervisor and the Human Resources Department immediately.

Report any case of infection with SARS-CoV2 virus to the rectorate. We are in contact with the local health authorities. In case of an illness with the corona virus, please document with which persons you or your ill employees and students were in contact.

Detailed information and current updates concerning the situation can be found on the websites of the public authorities, especially


We are still in close contact with the other (art) universities, the ministry and the various departments, institutes and committees at the Academy. With the task force working groups we are looking for good solutions for all open questions. After Easter we will continue the exchange with the Task Force on ZOOM.

We would like to thank you all for the good cooperation and for having found new ways of working together with us under these difficult conditions.

Please use the next two weeks and the Easter holidays to regain some strength.

Stay healthy!

Johan Hartle – Ingeborg Erhart – Celestine Kubelka