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Dear colleagues and students,
the situation due to the corona pandemic requires drastic measures at all levels of public life. In the meantime, the Federal Government has declared a baseline restriction for the whole of Austria and intensified the recommendations for behaviour.

Following the recommendations and requests of the government, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has decided on the following measures: 

Currently all locations of the academy are closed and the teaching operation has been switched to remote learning and virtual teaching forms! All events are cancelled. All appointments have to be cancelled for the time being or postponed to telephone exchange or clarified by email or via zoom. Also hearings, exams, job interviews etc. may not take place with physical presence.

We will inform you regularly about the adaptation of the measures in accordance with the instructions of the Federal Government. Please check your emails regularly and keep in touch with us, your respective committees and representatives, superiors and teachers.

The following regulations for teaching and working during the issued conversion in the course of the Corona Prevention come into force from Monday, 16.03.20 until further notice:


The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna will be closed for employees, students and visitors from Monday 16.03.2020. This applies to all locations.

The Library is closed for the public from Monday. For general inquiries please contact Further information

The Gemäldegalerie (at Theatre Museum) is closed with immediate effect.

The exhibition room Eschenbachgasse is closed until further notice


All public events and physical meetings on the premises of the Academy are cancelled without exception.
All meetings and committee work are moved to virtual rooms. Information can be obtained from your superiors or from the respective chairs


Business trips and excursions have to be cancelled until further notice. In the meantime, no business trips and excursions will be approved. Please mark all (cancellation-)invoices concerning this matter with the annotation "Corona2020".


Teaching activities will be switched to virtual teaching & remote learning. Teachers will offer alternative teaching methods and make teaching content available digitally so that there are no interruptions in the course of studies despite the special circumstances.

The E-Learning working group is in contact with the institutes. First information about remote learning & virtual teaching can be found here. Teaching activities in the coming weeks will be arranged individually. Details can be obtained from your course leaders, professors and instituts.

The fact that we have already succeeded in converting a substantial part of our teaching activities to distance learning is an extraordinary achievement – not only by students, but also by teachers and general university staff. Together with you, we are working to further expand the teaching and examination system in various forms and are doing everything we can to ensure that the summer semester 2020 remains creditable. We are doing everything we can to ensure that any necessary postponements are taken into account when the minimum duration of study is determined and do not lead to additional tuition fees. We thank you for all good suggestions and your committed cooperation

Please check your inbox regularly to be informed about the current situation. Students are encouraged to check their accounts and update their contact details for accessibility purposes.

All study-related questions should be clarified in consultation with the Vice Rectorate for Art and Teaching (

Current portfolio submission dates for the entrance examinations
The Fine Arts Admission Examination 2020/21, including personal and postal portfolio delivery has been postponed indefinitely, but will take place in any case! Whether digital or in any other form, this is still being discussed internally in order to establish standards for assessment in exceptional cases. We will inform you about the new procedure and the corresponding data as soon as possible.


The general working mode is maintained with home office. All employees must be available by phone and email during regular office hours. The Rectorate asks you to use the coming weeks for project work and reporting obligations. Provided that the operational procedures are secured, overtime and vacation reduction is suggested.

The Rectorate will endeavour to find individual and appropriate solutions for all employees in consultation with the supervisors and departments.

All labor law issues must be clarified in consultation with the Vice Rectorate for Finance | Human Resources | Special Projects (


Any members of the Academy who experience typical symptoms of coronavirus as fever or cough, shortness of breath respectively respiratory problems are asked to contact the public health service of the city of Vienna by calling the telephone number 1450. instructions. Inform your supervisor and the Human Resources Department immediately.

Report any case of infection with SARS-CoV2 virus to the rectorate. We are in contact with the local health authorities. In case of an illness with the corona virus, please document with which persons you or your ill employees and students were in contact.

Detailed information and current updates concerning the situation can be found on the websites of the public authorities, especially


There are still no suspected cases at the Academy.

Let us help together to do everything we can to fulfil our social responsibility and make our contribution in the form of compliance with the measures. We would like to thank all our colleagues and departments who, with their engaged commitment, continue to keep the university running.

Stay healthy!

Johan Hartle – Ingeborg Erhart – Celestine Kubelka