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Mr. Eduard Saxinger, appointed by the Federal Government as a member of the University Council at the Academy in 2018, was chairman of the University Council from the beginning of this functional period.


Eduard Saxinger, photo © eSeL.at


The emeritus lawyer, born in Linz in 1947, was previously a member of the University Council at the University of Art and Design Linz from 2008 to 2018, five of which he was Deputy Chairman of the University Council. Eduard Saxinger is a recipient of the Golden Decoration of Honor of the State of Upper Austria. For health reasons, Chairman Saxinger resigned in April 2021. Boris Marte is succeeding him in this function.

Boris Marte and the other members of the University Council Sigrid Hintersteininger, Alexander Horwath and Radostina Patulova as well as Johan F. Hartle, Ingeborg Erhart and Celestine Kubelka on behalf of the Rectorate, thank the outgoing Chairman for his services to the Academy, in particular for his activities and expertise in the University Council, as well as for his dedicated commitment and thoroughness. The Rectorate and the University Council are wishing Mr. Eduard Saxinger all the best for his personal future and health.