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Friday, 20 December 2002, 3 pm
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, M 20
Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna

Marko Kosnik
born 1961 in Kranj, Slovenija.

During the eighties he collaborated withseveral extreme alternative groups liek Junajtit Adis, Laibach, Cavis Negra, Most), primarily as creator of concepts, scripts, music, video and ambientprojects.
In 1986 he founded the Egon March Institute, a creative unit for theory, research and production in the field of new media; it was in this framework that he realized the bulk of his projects during the nineties.
Since 1991 he has been engaged in corporate interdisciplinary productions, performances and installations in the role of director, developer of interactive systems, producer of synchronysed broadcasts and streamings. The circle of collaborators in his projects since 1991 has been largely international; e.g. collaborations with Van Gogh TV, Universcity TV, Steim and XLR.
He held numerous performances, lectures and workshop tutorships (e.g. MUU, Architonomy, Media Feedback, Hexpo 2000 - International festival of self-organised cultural forms) around Europe, and has initiated educative media environments (Ministry of experiment).

© Marko Kosnik   © Marko Kosnik  

Marko Kosnik is one of the pioneers of European interactive communication projects. Nearly every Egon March Institute production is covering its own research field, including inventions like "3 sonorostatics 2" (performances with electroacoustic plates in Hamburg, Dessau, Ljubljana 1990-1994) | in depth studies of environment (tunings of the Bauhaus building for Architonomy workshop, ambiental compositions for the volumes of concrete places 1994) | interdisciplinary collaborations (development of an interactive dancefloor, synchronised to the rest of the theatre machinery in Ljubljana and Glasgow) | development of conducting languages and visual partituras (PARA, Desktopcinema) | inventive use and misuse of existent software and hardware (Automata for self-reinterpretation of tv programmes, live videoinstrumentalism, XY streaming 1997-2000) as well as | social sculpturing (Hexpo 2000 - International festival of self-organised cultural, a 4-week-long streaming-art-festival in-between three cities with three teams of artists and thus a rotating "full-circle-production", Parahouse -

© Marko Kosnik   © Marko Kosnik